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Here at call companion we are proud to announce the release of our 24 hour concierge service, the first of its kind in the UK. With just a click of a button or a call to the number provided, you will be connected to one of our expertly trained team who will be more than happy to help with your query.
24 hour support

24 hour support line

Our concierge support line is open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. So whether you need advice …

Find a tradesman

Find a tradesman

Do you worry about being overcharged by tradesman or that work won’t be completed to a reasonable standard?…

Tourist Info

Tourist information

Are you going somewhere new? Whether you are going on holiday or a day out, it is always better to be prepared with information …

24 hour support

Email Assistance

With our services, you may not wish to stay on hold on the phone while our team locate the information specific to your needs…

Advice line

Information line

Do you need advice but don’t know who to ask? Contact the Concierge service as we provide advice on a wide range of issues…


Transport and booking

Have you lost your bus timetable? If you are unable to find out transport times, our team can provide you with transport times for buses…

weather report

Weather forecast

Don’t wait for the weather forecast to tell you today’s weather, find out with just a click of the button…

weather report

Maps & travel information

Whether you are taking a long journey or driving somewhere new, we can provide you with our recommend route, and inform you of any diversions…

You are never alone with our 24 hour concierge service

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Call Companion Products

Are you sick of receiving nuisance calls? Call Companion is one of the safest ways to protect your home from unwanted calls. Did you know that millions of people in the UK fall victim to online and telephone scams every year? Scammers often like to take advantage of older adults and manage to scam thousands of pounds out of innocent people every year.

The 4 Digit Pin System.

When you set up the Call Companion, it will ask you to set a unique 4 Digit Pin for your home telephone. When you receive an unknown incoming call after the pin has been set, the system operator will ask the caller for this specific pin. If the caller is unable to provide the pin, the caller’s number will be blocked, and they will be prevented from calling your landline again. In addition, we can call or write to all of your family and friends to provide them with the unique pin for your landline. This service is charged at an additional cost but it will save you both the time and effort of doing so yourself.

Block International Calls.

From our research, we have discovered that a large percentage of nuisance calls originate from call centres located in countries such as India and Thailand. This is due to the lack of regulations and laws in regards to outbound calls. Due to the quality of our research and product development, the Call Companion is able to block all international calls.

Block Private/Hidden Numbers.

One of the most deceptive methods used by nuisance callers can do is to call your home with no Caller ID. These callers will often provide no name or company information and will look to take sensitive details from yourself. This new feature gives you the option of blocking all private and hidden numbers from contacting your home ever again.

1500 blocking storage spaces.

Is there a number that you want to block? Whether it is a nuisance caller or someone you don’t wish to speak to, you can block their number within seconds. The Call Companion provides a vast storage space for you to block up to 1500 numbers with the touch of a button.

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